“LEGUMSERVI sumus ut liberi esse possimus”

We are slaves of the law that we may be free.

About Us

LegumServi brings together the services of various independent and specialised professionals, forming a united team of individuals who produce work of the highest possible quality and efficiency for its clients.

Why Malta

Malta gained its independence in 1964 after having been colonised by the United Kingdom and became a full member of the European Union in 2004. Malta has since firmly established itself as one of Europe’s economic success stories. Located in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, Malta’s maintains a strategic location, being within 3 hours direct flight time from Europe’s major financial centres and has established itself as a regional hub in sectors such as remote gaming, financial services and professional and corporate services.

What Malta may lack in terms of natural resources common in other European countries is made up for in Malta boasting an industrious and highly skilled workforce. Malta continues to provide a steady stream of qualified individuals in various sectors through the accredited University of Malta and technical colleges.

Complimenting Malta’s rich history, Malta is littered with historical sites and monuments which honour many significant historical events which occurred on the Maltese Islands, making the trip to Malta worthwhile for investors and even more so for individuals looking to relocate to Malta. With 300 days of sunshine, Malta’s southern European climate offers an attractive lifestyle for those wishing to relocate from colder and wetter climates. Almost all Maltese are bilingual speaking both Maltese and English fluently and a majority of Maltese also speaking a third language (Italian).


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.