A fast track single work permit procedure for third country nationals applying for managerial or highly-technical posts earning upwards of €30,000. Scheme applicable to start ups too.

Under the Key Employee Initiative, Identity Malta will fast track single work permit applications for third country national persons applying for managerial or highly technical posts, subject to a number of conditions. Fast tracked applications will be processed within 5 workings days as opposed to the usual 6 week to 6 month time frame.

In order to qualify, the individual must present their application together with a draft contract evidencing a position in the above mentioned managerial or technical field, an annual gross salary of at least €30,000, hold certified copies of the relevant qualifications, warrants or necessary work experience and present a declaration by the employer stating that the applicant has the necessary credentials to perform the work.

The Key Employee Initiative is also open to start-up projects which have been specifically endorsed by the Malta Enterprise.

Prospective applicants may apply while in Malta or even if still abroad. Approved applicants will be issued with a residence permit valid for a period of one year. This may be renewed for a maximum of three years, upon presentation of a definite or indefinite contract together with the original annual tax declaration form stamped by the Inland Revenue Department.

Anthony P. Farrugia and Associates routinely works in the field of employment and immigration and is ready to advise clients on the ideal residence scheme applicable to their individual situation. Contact us here for assistance in applying for a single-work permit enabling you to live and work in Malta.