Maltese tonnage tax scheme among the first to receive EU Commission approval

In a decision announced on 19 December, the European Commission announced that it would be suspending its investigation into the Maltese Tonnage Tax Scheme and providing one of its first endorsements to such a structure, […]

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Contesting compensation sum is incompatible with prescription plea

The First Hall of the Civil Court on Wednesday ordered two individuals who were found liable for a fatal  traffic accident to fork out €51,180 as compensation to the sister of the deceased.

On the […]

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Parliamentary guidelines and rulings cannot stand in breach of human rights

A landmark ruling delivered by the Constitutional Court has determined that individuals facing criminal accusations enjoy the right to remain silent when testifying before Parliamentary committees.

The judgment follows a case instituted by Francis Portelli and […]

Key Employee Initiative – Single Work Permit Issued Within 5 Working Days.

A fast track single work permit procedure for third country nationals applying for managerial or highly-technical posts earning upwards of €30,000. Scheme applicable to start ups too.

Under the Key Employee Initiative, Identity Malta will fast […]

An employer’s workplace duties do not absolve employees from caring about their own safety

A judgment delivered by the First Hall of the Civil Court concerning the case Paul Formosa et v. Brigadier Forzi Armati ta’ Malta et. has confirmed that employees would be diminishing their chances of success […]

As the curtain draws on the Yugoslavia tribunal, what is the effect on international crime? A brief overview of the legacy.

With today’s dramatic Appeals ruling in the case Prlić et al., the curtain has been drawn on the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY). Throughout its tenure, the UN Court has played a […]


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