Constitutional Court declares Act XXIII of 1979 violates proportionality principle, orders compensation and eviction.

In a judgement issued on the 7 November 2017 by the Honourable Justice Silvio Meli in the case Maria Pia Galea v Attorney General et, the Court found that the rent regulation ordinance encapsulated in […]

Court employs proportionality principle in determining discrimination against persons with disability

A judgment delivered by the First Hall of the Civil Court on Thursday in a case lodged by the National Commission for Rights of Persons with Disability (KNPD) against the Malta Football Association (MFA) has […]

ECtHR determines that heterosexual couples do not have automatic right to civil unions in Austrian ruling

For the first time, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has pronounced itself on the issue
of the limitation of legal institutions recognising relationships to different-sex couples. The judgment in the caseRatzenböck and Seydl v. […]

Court may ignore accused’s guilty plea if doubt exists

A landmark ruling delivered by the Court of Criminal Appeal in the case of The Police v. Godfrey Formosa has established that the admission of guilt on part of the accused does not relieve the […]

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Associate Martina Farrugia attends conference on gender equality at the European Rights Agency, Trier, Germany.

On the 23rd October, associate Martina Farrugia attended a conference organised by the European Rights Agency on Gender Equality in Trier, Germany. The conference spanned an intensive two days and discussed the position at European […]

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Court will not allow use of Constitutional Remedy when an Ordinary Avenue is negligently unused

A judgment delivered by the Civil Court First Hall in the case Carmel sive Charles Cini v. Minister for Education and Employment et. refused to consider the plaintiff’s request for an extraordinary remedy after it […]


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