Court may still refer to withdrawn statements

A judgment delivered by the Court of Magistrates in the case The Police v. Kevin Vella confirmed that the Court may decide to rely on a previous version of a statement if it deems it […]

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Conclusive Evidence of Electricity Theft is Required for Court Conviction

In a judgment delivered on 26 September by the Court of Magistrates as a Court of Criminal
Judicature, concerning the case The Police v. Brian Leonard Jones, it was determined that
the Prosecution must present conclusive evidence […]

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Delayed Flight Lands Airline in a Compensation Case

A ruling delivered on 22 nd September by the Small Claims Tribunal under the European Small
Claims Procedure (Regulation 861/2007) found that Vueling S.A. violated a couple’s rights
when its flight from Malta to Barcelona […]

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EU Member States Close in on Tech Giants as Google Fights Back.

Developments during the past week have seen a number of EU Member States reaching an
agreement on a more stringent tax regime for some of the largest multinational tech
companies. Meanwhile, Google has followed through […]

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Eight years on, the ECJ sends Intel case back to General Court

The European Court of Justice has today decided to submit the case of ‘Intel vs European
Commission’ back to the General Court, in a development which further delays a landmark
conclusion holding significant ramifications for the Commission’s […]

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New ECtHR Judgement: Monitoring employee activity in the workplace

5 September 2017
Monitoring employee activity in the workplace

Two seminal decisions delivered in the past weeks by the Maltese Industrial Tribunal and the European Court of Human Rights have shed new light on the extent of […]

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